Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sticky Notes

Things are starting to perk up in the garden.....and it looks like my mushroom & cute little gnome survived the winter.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Some people never grow up. Silly Putt! Heck, that's the best way to be, isn't it, Marie!
Go bounce some of it today! We all need to smile at silly stuff sometimes, don't we!

Hugs! Diane

Ruth said...

Hi Marie... Don't you just love Spring! My little flowers are peeking out at me too!

Blessings...... Ruth

Geralyn Gray said...

Happy Easter and spring to you!!!!! Getting ready for our swap........I loved your post on silly putty......that was Easter morning at our house....my favorite was to recreate Snoopy and the Peanuts on flattened silly putty....good stuff!!!!!

Ann said...

Gotta love it when things perk up. Glad your mushroom and gnome survived. I need to go dig all the weeds and junk out of my flower beds and see if I have anything coming up

KatCollects said...

Hi Marie,
I am trying to catch up on some blogs. Don't you love the first signs of springs. I can not wait for my lilacs to bloom. I hope you are doing well!