Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blustery Day!

We went to the park last Saturday ~ it was pretty windy!
But the babies had so much fun.


LDH said...

Saturday was so cold and windy ~ we were wearing sweatshirts! Looks like it didn't stop your sweeties from having lots of fun!

Sheila said...

Look at those sweet babies! They are so cute. Love how you put the comments in the picture.
Windy! come to Idaho, we've had more than enough this spring!!!
Picture gave me a chuckle this morning~love it!
Have a wonderful day!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

That picture is very cute, Marie and I love the speech balloons.
Have a great day!

Shelley said...

This picture is so cute...our day at the park last Saturday was a windy one as well....but,so fun....blessings

Debbie said...

It was cold and rainy here. Today its just muggy and looking like rain. I really want to get out into the garden.

I love the pics with the babies! The thought bubbles are a cute touch. Do you have a specific editing program you use?

Hope you have a great Wednesday!


Scrap for Joy said...

Can't Elijah see that Charlotte is carrying her "combs"? LOL! Marie, you crack me up! Now please tell me how you did those speech bubbles-I love it!
(This is the 5th time I've tried to post a comment here today...Blogger doesn't like me for some reason!)

Ann said...

We've had the wind here too but it was a very cold wind. Love the picture too cute.