Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just Borrowing

Okay ~ I'm getting a little desperate without my camera. 
Now I'm using magazine photos.

I love this look. A nice long table and lots of mis-matched chairs.  This is what I want for my dining room...someday.

I wish I could remember which magazine I got this from.  I'll update as soon as I remember.  : )


Lululiz said...

I'd hate to be without my camera. That dining table looks really inviting.

Diva Kreszl said...

love the dining table, hope your camera is replaced soon :)

Jackie said...

I love the picture of the cutest little boy on the planet and his bubble afternoon. How cute is that!!! What a picture!

I panic when I think I've lost my husband thinks I'm crazy snapping pictures and loving blogging time. I'll have to post pictures tomorrow on his photo shoot...gotta love it!

Had fun doing that little quiz thing on email this morning "about me"...I think that's fun. Thanks for passing it on...and I passed it back to you.

Ruth said...

Oh Marie.... I hope your camera problems can be solved sooner rather than later!

It's great that you are still finding ways to post. We all appreciate that for sure.

Ruth ;)

Dorthe said...

Love it,too ,Marie,
I do have mismatched chaiers around my table, but it surely is not that long, and wonderfull.

Your grandchildren,looks so sweet, -how we love those small ones of ours , right.
Hugs, Dorthe

Ann said...

That's a great looking dining room. I see stuff in magazines all the time that I would love to do to my house but I either don't have the money or it just not something that would work in my house. Oh well gives me something to dream about.