Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Borrowed Babies ~ Photos That Is

Life has been unusually full the past month or so and I decided it would be easier to borrow photos of my grandbabies than to go through my own.  So these photos are taken from the blogs or facebook pages of their mothers. Thanks Katie, Jo and Jacqi!

Parents spend a lot of time picking out the perfect name for their children. Does it sound good with their surname? Are the possible nicknames going to be acceptable? Should we or shouldn't we use family names?  The list goes on and on. But the perfect name is finally chosen!

Then those sweet little (carefully named) children start learning to talk and their names (and their cousins names) become (at least for a little while) something that was never expected.

Here's one of their current interpretations of each of their names.




Oh my ~ this "gur-an-ma", "gwa-maaa", "naaa-na" loves these little ones!


Katherine Thomas said...

That picture of Charlotte is breathtaking! Did you take that? Or is it professionally done?
Isn't it funny too, that Penelope will probably always be called El-pee by her family? We have names like that too. My daughter, Brittany, is "Bernie" to us. And Christopher is "fur-fur".

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Okay...these photos need to win a contest. No wonder "gwa-ma" loves them so much.
I've been MIA again due to wedding planning, but I just scrolled down to see your Fairytale Room. I'm so happy for you, Marie. It's just as charming as can be!!! And completely functional. You will have so much fun in there for years to come.
Enjoy!!! : )
Mary Lou

Ann said...

Love the names. It's funny how the names can come out sounding when they start talking. My daughter is 4 years older than my son and she had a bit of a speech impediment. His name always sounded like Bwadly (Bradley) and when he said hers is sounded like Mana (Amanda) Charlottes's picture is gorgeous and I love Penelope's hair, too cute. And Elijah with that red hair is just such a sweetie.

LDH said...

Precious no matter what the current pronunciation :) Do you notice a resemblance with Charlotte to Brenna and Elijah to Ryan? Maybe it's just me.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Big smile!!
Hugs! Diane