Monday, August 23, 2010

Gift From A Friend!

A dear friend of mine treated me to this copy of Martha Stewart Living.  She thought that I would enjoy a couple of the articles in it.  I love the pink cover!


She said she saw these (very) organized drawers and thought of me!  Oh, if only I were this organized.

But wait ~ look here!  This is the center drawer of the desk in my CRAFT ROOM!  It's pretty organized if I do say so myself!  It's actually looked like this for several years.

That little drumstick with the raggedy dolls belongs on one of Kevin's Christmas ornaments.  I think it fell off about five years ago. The little drum is packed up now...hopefully I'll remember this is here once Christmas time comes.   

Those carrots are (of course) snowmen noses! The matchbox is empty but I'm saving it. I love the colors and the brand ~ Rosebud!

"As for me and my house we will serve the Lord".  I was using this verse on a project for church and decided to go with a square rather than a round shape.  This piece ended up in the drawer and I left it there.  It's a good reminder.

So, while this drawer might not be as perfectly organized as Martha's, it is perfectly me!  Although as I said the contents haven't changed much in several years.  I may need to do a little adding and subtracting with the treasures here!  But the snowmen noses stay ~ you never know when you might need those!

Here's a peek at one more page in Living.  I might need to "organize" one of these someday!!  This is so fun!  An Oreo Cookie cake! Yum!!

Thank you so much dear friend!!  I really enjoyed this magazine.....and a cup of tea!


LDH said...

Yours looks every bit as perfect as Martha's! This kind of organization makes me so happy... you see I have a problem too. Over organization. I get scolded around here for being, well they use that word... compulsive. sheesh... what do they know.

Oh, and the cute little carrots. Keep those for sure. A girl can never have too many carrots :) and realizing how much weight I have gained this month with our kids visiting, I'm gonna be eating lots of them!

Jo said...

Great organization! Also, that Oreo cake is ridiculous(in a good way). I wonder how many packages of Oreos you need to make it...

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweetie! I saw this issue yesterday at the store and should have bought it! I loved all of the organizing ideas too ~ if only I would KEEP things that way! I love your muffin tin filled with treasures Marie ~ I hope you have a wonderful week, hugs and love, Dawn

Ann said...

I can only dream of perfectly organized drawers. I think your look perfect. Good enough for Martha's magazine if you ask me.

Michelle Palmer said...

Trays and trays of goodies! :)
Love all of your little treasures~
Hope your day is perfect,