Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good Things

On Monday I mentioned a friend ~ she and I are meeting once a week for a Bible Study. 
This week our study encouraged us to look at
Psalm 103.  
Take a peek and see what the Lord has done for you!

He fills my life with good things....

A comment on Psalm 103 by Charles  H. Spurgeon:
First the Psalmist sings of personal mercies which he had himself received Ps 103:1-5; then he magnifies the attributes of Jehovah as displayed in his dealings with his people, Ps 103:6-19; and he closes by calling upon all the creatures in the universe to adore the Lord and join with himself in blessing Jehovah, the ever gracious.


Dorthe said...

Dear Marie,
yes ,my life is truly filled with good things,too-and every day I thank for the wonderfull place I`m living in.
The tote is great.

Ann said...

What a cute tote bag that is.
Just a peek and we will see more wonderful things in our life that we realized.

Hopemore Studio said...


Yes He is gracious and so we are called to be as well. When I think of you that word 'gracious' is always first in my mind. Enjoy your bible study and please keep inspiring us.