Friday, May 20, 2011

Thyme to Weed

This little spot in the garden caught my eye the other day.  I'd like the Thyme to take over an area that's about 9 square feet in size...and slowly but surely it is.  It actually covers a good amount of ground right now.  But in this little spot the Thyme has some competition.  See the broadleaf weed in the upper left corner?  It's gotta go.  Then there's that mighty Oak growing from a (one of millions) tiny acorn.  It needs to go too!  Last but not least is the clover-looking plant weed.  I'm not that Oxalis?  I kind of like it.  It has a nice shape and it's green!  I'm not sure if I'm going to pull that or you pull it out of your garden?


LDH said...

Very cute title! Those little unwanted visitors are hard to pull because they have strong tap roots.

Yes, oxalis... you probably want to get rid of it too.

I can't tell you my battle with weeds! I just can't get them all no matter how many hours I spend. My neighbor recommended Roundup but I am not sure about the weeds growing so close to the plants I want to keep.

Have a great weekend, Marie!
Love, Lorraine

Ann said...

I did some weeding yesterday too. I didn't do nearly as much as I should have but I at least got a start. The oxalis, yes I pull that. I also pull the little future forest that keeps growing all over the place. I have maple trees and they throw those little helicopter type things all over the place. I could probably start my own tree farm

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh those clover looking ones do such a number on my front lawn by the end of Summer. They completely take over. I'd say "nip 'em in the bud now" even though they're kinda cute. : )

JDConwell said...

Wow, it looks very happy there! I have had to experiment all over my yard to find the right spot for certain plants.

When my sister and I were little, we used to eat the seed pods of that wild oxalis (if that's what it is). They taste tart and lemony.