Thursday, September 29, 2011

Opinions Please

We (as in Bill) recently painted the living room walls ~ they were a light golden yellow and now they're a creamy vanilla color.  I love the change!  But now I need to change some of the things hanging on the walls.  Like this mirror....

I bought this about ten years ago (thank you HomeGoods) and it's been hanging in this spot ever since. It's time for a change....but I don't want a different piece hanging here. I want this to look different.  So I need some opinions.

My first thought was to leave it the color it is and fill in the flower painted area with book pages.  Next I thought about painting it all black to match the chest of drawers beneath....maybe distressing both pieces. Or I could choose a shade of red, green, or yellow for a pop of color.  Finally I decided I couldn't decide by myself.
Any suggestions?

Those are barn red draperies hanging to the left of the chest. They're being curtains that are a bit darker than the walls....I think.

I'm so indecisive!


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Marie! little 2 cents is paint the mirror frame black ~ I think you will love the pop against the cream the new paint color btw, such a wonderful pallet for all you want to display ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Shelley said...

I think the insert part of the frame painted black and the rest left the same may look nice....but,I am not to good about such decisions. I am in to black right now which is something I thought I would never go for....Just never know with me....I do love the sweet Autumn vignette you have arranged on the chest...your little doll is very sweet. Blessings dear Marie

Jo said...

Where it is now I think that painting it black would be your best option. However when you move it somewhere else you might not like it being black anymore. That would be my only hesitation.

Dorthe said...

Dear Marie, I kind of like it as is,-but hanging there it will look gorgeous in black.

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

I love the way it looks now, but I also really love your idea filling in the flower area with book pages.

I love the doll and the arrangement on the chest.
I love the lace runner too!! I am so into doily's and runners all the things I remember from long ago.

Ann said...

I'm the same way about making decisions on my own. I think painting it black would look great but I also like the idea of distressing both pieces.

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Ooo, that's a tough one, Marie. I love the mirror as is too, but I can see how you're wanting a change. I think I like your idea of using book pages to decoupage the inset of the frame, but what about that along with painting the outer and inner edges black? Be sure and let us know what you've decided along with pics of the finished product!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...Marie, what about just painting the outer molding black? And leave the pretty flowers. Then it will pop on the pretty new wall color. Then, if you don't still like the flowers, decoupage the inside. :-)

Hugs and have a happy Sunday afternoon.