Friday, October 7, 2011


In THIS July post I shared a tour of my craft room.  One of my favorite pieces in that room is this old post office sorting box.  I'll be sharing peeks at what I keep in and on this piece each Friday ~ at least until I run out of cubbies!

Here's a few of my tea infusers ~ I love the color and the shapes...dents and all!  Another one of my infusers is filled with lavender and hanging in a closet. 
Neat idea if I do say so myself!


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Marie, Your tea infusers are pretty and I love your idea of filling them with lavender to hang in the closet.
Have a wonderful weekend :-)!

Cheryl said...

I loved this post office cubby the first time I saw it. SO excited to see what each space holds. Love the tea infusers!

LDH said...

I love the old post office sorting box too and can't wait to see all of your treasures.

Lululiz said...

Oh yes, excellent idea, I think I might have one in a drawer somewhere. Must dig it out.

Ann said...

the sorting box is a great piece. I'm looking forward to seeing what each of the cubbies hold. Good idea with the infusers in the closet. I would never have thought of that

Libbie said...

What fun to peek in all the different compartments!!! I bet the grandkids love peeking in their too!

Anonymous said...

Marie, what a lovely idea for a collection! Tea infusers! How are you going to display them when your collection grows?

Uh-oh! You've given me an idea to go with my collection of teacups! Now I'll probably be on the lookout for infusers as well! LOL!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Hugs, Diane