Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Here's another peek inside that cabinet I mentioned in yesterday's post.....I know...it's a totally different look from the images I shared in that post.  Many different things appeal to me.  This cabinet is where I keep all those things I love that don't have a home anywhere else right now.

I love these Raggedies...they have the best faces!!   The rectangular platter in the back was given to me by my dear friend Gail and the little strawberry girl was painted by my friend Anita's daughter.  I met both Gail and Anita during the years I was part owner of a little shop called Agape' Gifts & Crafts.  What a blessing to still have them in my life over eight years after the shop closed.

The "strawberry soda" bottle cap, doily and angel cut-out picture all came from thrift stores and the strawberry pin cushion was a gift I bought for myself at the York Folk Art show several years ago.  The tin of Ginger belonged to my mom...she gave it to me when she moved.  It's white with red & green graphics, so it's perfect for my home.  Finally, that block with the letter "E", it was an ornament. It has graphics of vintage toys on four sides and on the remaining side it has the letter "R".  Two letters important to my family....I was delighted to find it a couple years after Bill married me (then mother of Kevin & Joe).  The perfect ornament for our family with two last names.


Ann said...

A wonderful assortment of sweet little treasures. The Raggedies do have great faces, I especially like the one on the right

Shelley said...

Precious treasures...that little apple child is so cute...blessings

Shelley said...

My mistake...Strawberry child :)

Katie said...

I never noticed the R on that block. Very cool!