Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Early last Fall I started gathering ideas for handmade Christmas gifts for my grandchildren.  My intentions were good and I had a plan but things happened.  Plans changed and handmade gift ideas were put aside.  Except for one.  Johanna put little, soft, stuffed owls on Caleb's Christmas list.  I decided I could squeeze in some time to make something similar to these little guys.

But first I had to decide what to make them from. Fleece was my first choice and I knew just the place to buy some ~ the thrift store! I found three toddler sized fleece tops and one fleece blanket there and I paid a total of $4.74 for all four! I have enough "fabric" left for three or four more sets of owls! I washed and dried all the fleece and cut out a shape that I thought looked like an owl. Next came the stitching and the stuffing ~ with a bag of fiberfill that I found at the thrift store too! The eyes and beaks were cut from felt I already had, and then handsewn on.  In about an hour I had four little owls for this cute little guy.

Hey! Who took my owls!?'s a new year (that's a month over already...Yikes!) and the plan is back in place.  Handmade treasures for my grandbabies.  I have so many fun ideas on one of my Pinterest boards.

Caleb likes that idea!

This photo is from Caleb's mommy's blog
I had to grab it.....'cause it makes me smile!
Hope it makes you smile too!


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

These are so cute, Marie! Perfect for a little one's hands!

Dorthe said...

Dear Marie, how sweet he is, and the owls are the cutest ever- no wonder he loves them.

Ann said...

cute little owls for cute little Caleb. I like the idea of getting the materials at the thrift store.

Elsina said...

Love your owls and your grandson is such a sweetie!