Monday, May 21, 2012

Blooms in my Backyard

Main Entry: clem·a·tis
Function: noun
: a vine or herb related to the buttercups that has leaves with three leaflets and is widely grown for its showy usually white, red, pink, or purple flowers
Main Entry: hon·ey·suck·le
Function: noun
: any of a genus of shrubs having fragrant tube-shaped flowers rich in nectar

Lucky me has both...happily growing along the back fence.
I could pause near this spot all day...admiring the pretty colors and enjoying the sweet fragrance in the air.

UPDATE:  The common name for this Clematis is  "Madame Julia Correvon".



LDH said...

Oh, if only my nose could smell what my eyes are seeing! Gorgeous photo, Marie! Beautiful!

Dorthe said...

Dear Marie,
does this beauty have a name? I would love one similar in my garden-
Wonderful photo and colour.

Ann said...

very pretty.
Just to let you know the package arrived today safe and sound and it's lovely. Thank you again. I love it.

Scrap for Joy said...

Your clematis is gorgeous Marie! I've never seen one like it. We had a big old purple one for years and then it suddenly died and we haven't replaced it. I love the smell of honeysuckle...such sweetness filling the air. Your garden is looking good!