Monday, September 17, 2012

Color Run Update

Katie, Mark, Mandy, Charlotte and I headed to Richmond, VA Friday night for The Color Run.  Bright and early Saturday morning, Katie, Mark and Mandy, along with 8000 of their closest friends ran in the craziest, most colorful, 5k ever!! Everyone had FUN!

Giant fans were set up at the end of the race...really powerful ones that blew the loose color off bodies and clothing. Great idea, especially since my car was the mode of transportation back to the hotel!  Blankets and towels further protected the upholstery from these colorful people.  It was almost sad because the fans blew all the bright, pretty color away. Everyone ended up looking a little "muddy" afterwards.
When Charlotte saw her momma, daddy and Aunt Mandy for the first time after the race, she didn't recognize them. I don't know why!!

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Ann said...

They look like they had such a good time. How much fun that would be. I hope it washed off easy