Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Summer Favorites #3

Summertime is slipping away. But that's okay...that just means Fall memories will be coming soon. I love that I see my grandchildren often enough to get regular, everyday kind of photographs of them. Sometimes they even ignore Gramma and her clicking camera and just get down to the business at hand.....or mouth, as the case may be. Precious memories to look back on and smile about. I think I'll spend my September Wednesdays going through my Summertime photos and sharing some of them here.
Penelope and the Pool
This cute, little blond LOVES the water!  She'll stay in the pool to the point of shivering lips and chattering teeth!  Three feet of water or ten feet...she just bobs along in her vest.  Sometimes with a ball or a tube, sometimes without! Getting out of the pool is not her favorite thing to do!  The announcement "it's time to get out" is almost always greeted with a bit of a scowl.  But a cool drink (of water) distracts her!
 I love the last photo...the tips of her ponytails are still wet but the rest of her hair isn't. 
Almost dry......and totally cute!!   




Katherine Thomas said...

This kid just needs to be grabbed and hugged! She's adorable! And she looks like a lot of fun to hang out with... but I'd be exhausted by the end of the day, I bet!

Anonymous said...

Penelope is such a cutie-pie,! Pj

Ann said...

She is such a cutie and you can tell by those pictures how much she loves the pool. She does look a bit cold in that second one.