Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Birthday Blessings 2

Napkins seemed to be a gift theme this year....three different friends gave me packages
of napkins.  The napkins will definitely be well used. But not in the way you'd probably guess.
I found these plastic coasters at the thrift store last year.  They're great for several reasons. 
They were VERY inexpensive.  Napkins slide in and out...so I can have coasters to match any room in the house. 
Because you use napkins in them, they are so absorbent.

Six coasters came in this cute box. Someday I'm going to paint that box.....someday!

You were right Peggy!
My grandbabies love these napkins...as napkins! 
I love them as coasters...so we're all happy!

Love the border on these.  Do you see where the napkin slides in?

I should have taken a photo of the other side of the "Flip" napkin.  It says "Flop"!

I shared a peek at these napkins yesterday.  They're going to look so sweet as coasters!  Thanks again Joyce!

Last but not least, Regina gave these colorful napkins.  I love the paisley design.

I think I have a wonderful assortment of summertime napkins coasters!!  I found a similar set of napkin holder coasters on Amazon.....just in case you want your very own!
Speaking of birthdays.....I want to wish my dear friend
Gail a VERY Happy Birthday!
Love you a bunch!!


Ann said...

love all the different napkins. I got a package for my birthday and have them on my table but I hate to use them because they are so pretty....lol
Those coasters are awesome. I've never seen anything like them

Scrap for Joy said...

Napkins are a fun way to express your personality in a small, inexpensive way. (Do you have any idea how many different squirrel napkins there are???) I have not seen the coaster frames but they're a super idea...I'll keep my eyes peeled.
Have a happy 4th....hope it stops raining here. We're hosting some friends for a cook-out. Will your gang all be together?