Monday, August 5, 2013

A Change of Space ~ Part 2

Remember this post? Well...the relocation of my creative space continues. Actually it's almost done!  It's been tough to get it finished because in our infinite wisdom we decided to tackle multiple projects this Spring and Summer.
Thought I'd take a quick minute and share a peek at the newest display piece I have in my almost complete crafty space!
I LOVE this cart!  My daughter Mandy gave it to me for my birthday this year.  It is the perfect place for rolls of paper...don't you think? 
I think some yardsticks may find their way into it as well.

Thank you Mandy! It's one of my favorite treasures!!

Here's a glimpse of other treasures just waiting to be played with.  The "change of space" is just about completed, and the other projects are progressing nicely.  So I'm hoping that very soon I'll be back to creating again!  Have a happy week!!


Jan said...

Isn't being organized one of the best feelings in the world? It's so efficient and time-saving. I'm ashamed to post a photo of my world space but I recently bought a pair of very tall thrift shop bookcases that I'm going to use in my craft room. You've inspired me to work harder on getting organized! -- Jan

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Doesn't it feel good to get organized? I think better that way and feel so much more creative. Love the cart, it looks so good and is functional too. I'm drooling over all your collections:-)

Peggy said...

That cart is perfection!!! Such perfect storage for things like that. I'm already loving the way you keep your supplies visible and at hand. I sense a crafting surge on the way!!

Dorthe said...

Oh Marie, it looks beautiful, there in your sewing room, with all the goodies lined up for use!!
I`m sure you will soon be in need to create, seing all these wonderful things!!
And the cart I just love, like you!!! A perfect gift to you, and to fill up with wonderful paper rolls!!
Happy new week to you, dear .

Scrap for Joy said...

Oh, I love your peeks into your new's a lot of work but so exciting. Can't wait to see the finished results! Love the cart from Mandy...she knows what her Mama likes!

Katie said...

I just thrifted some of those tiny bundt pans for C's outdoor kitchen. Should've known you already had some! :)

Simply Shelley said...

I love that cart. I have seen some of them lined with pretty fabric liners,but I like it as it is with your rolls of would be neat also, too filled with rolls of vintage Christmas wrap as a display for Christmas. A lovely birthday gift...when was your BD...guess I missed it...Happy belated :) Blessings friend