Friday, September 27, 2013

Silly Daughters

Katie and Mandy helped me sort through some yard sale items last weekend. 
One of the things Bill really wants me to part with is this "fireplace". 
I bought it at an auction several years ago...I don't exactly know why. 
Probably because it was only $3.00. 
I mean, how could I resist?
Anyway, I'm not quite ready to part with this. I know it's been gathering dust
(and who knows what else) out in the garage ever since I bought it. 
BUT...I'm thinking it might make for some fun yard art. 
To humor me my daughters created their version of yard art with it. 
Here's Katie's Instagram photo of their "art" ~ complete with her "witty" caption!
My mom insists on putting this janky fireplace in the garden somewhere so Mandy
and I insisted on styling it up with other random things found in her garage. 


Peggy said...

Ok, maybe I'm a little crazy, but I could so see that used out in the yard. Somewhere in just the perfect spot. Maybe not as "pretty" as your girls made it to be, but I could definitely see it. The birds and squirrels could use a cozy garden spot to perch upon. Isn't it great to have kids who give us a hard time? They must keep you laughing!

Ann said...

Yep, a piece with potential. I like what your daughters did with it

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Oh, I agree... you can do something very special and perfect with this. Too nice to part with :)

Dorthe said...

Oh Marie,-- sweet daughters and their humor !! It looks wonderful-- you just have to stick to it..dosen`t matter what they boths and your husbond tells you !! :-)
Hugs from me ,and thank you so much for your loving comment, dear Marie,- It makes me feel blessed.