Monday, October 7, 2013

The Yard Sale

Well the yard sale is a thing of the past. Now if only all the aches and
pains associated with it would go away.
Here's a glimpse at our weekend.
My living room...the stuff runs into the kitchen and dining room too!
You have to have a little fun. (photo from Katie's Instagram)
There's a lot of scrapbook supplies in these boxes....a lot!

Yes, we had departments...including five tables of housewares.

Our (almost) bright-eyed and bushy-tailed vendor.

Home Decor
Christmas....and a little bit of Halloween.

There he is...and someone did find the sticker!

Linens and toys.

Everything was in very good condition...some stuff was brand new.

The Media Department.

Lots of clothing.


Furniture and miscellaneous stuff.

Mark's Star Wars and sporting goods area.

Sadly, no one wanted the S'mores maker.  It ended up at Goodwill.

Here we go!

Scrapbook supplies were a hit!

Charlotte's friend helped her at the snack stand.

The bin next to Mark (and Lulu) was full of free stuff...strategically placed next to the snack stand!
What a day!!!

Everybody made some extra money...including our cute, little snack stand girls!  We got rid of a lot of stuff, Goodwill got plenty of boxes and bags and our homes are a little bit emptier. 
Especially my living room!


Ann said...

wow, that's a huge yard sale. I saw some things I would have picked up if I had been there. I like how you had it all broken down in to departments.

Scrap for Joy said...

You girls are so organized which I'm sure helped with your sales success! So much hard work goes into a successful yard sale...I wanted to hold one this past Spring but that didn't Spring?
I sent something home with Jo/Joe for you....I've been wanting to ship it to you but the box size would have been a challenge. I'll explain more after you get it. :D
Hope your achiness goes away soon!

Barbara F. said...

Wow, would I love to stop at a yard sale like this!! I saw a few items I would have taken home! And, of course, some refreshment from the snack stand. Glad it was a success. xo

Simply Shelley said...

They are so much work...every time I think about having a yard sale...I change my mind and send it all to the charity shop. I saw a lot of goodies in your yard....I would have loaded up if I had of been there :) Good thing I am staying home more these days....I really don't need anything...but you know how it is :) Blessings friend

Peggy said...

That was one awesome yard sale! So neat and organized. You wouldn't believe how a lot around here are laid out. I could have gone crazy at every different area, except for maybe that exercise thing. What a cute idea with that statue. I don't dare ask why you have it in the first place, Ha! It sure looks like it was a huge amount of work, but I'm glad it was sucessful for all of you. Enjoy the fruits of your labor, get some rest and start filling up those empty spots. :)

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Wish I could had been at your garage sale! Look at all of those treasures :) I would had filled my car. However, I probably would had passed on the "precious" Gollum statue ;)