Friday, January 3, 2014

Crafting & Christmas Eve

About a week and a half before Christmas, Charlotte and Penelope spent the night. 
They had dinner with us, and then tea and cookies for snack. 
They got to choose their own tea cups...a high point of the evening for sure!

They also got to make Christmas crafts for their parents.  Here's their little snow storm progress.  They're made out of plastic wine glasses!  Charlotte and Penelope painted and decorated photo frames too...and the created "I Love Dad" plaques.  These ended up being painted with metallic gold paint and then a liberal amount of gold glitter was poured sprinkled on.  The parents loved everything!!  The girls had a great evening...they managed to stretch the activities all the way to midnight. 
But when they finally put their heads on their pillows, they were out in seconds!

Elijah and I didn't get to create together until after Christmas...and I forgot to take photos.  Johanna was kind enough to send me photos of the gifts he made.  A paperweight for Dad...with a caterpillar. Elijah loved that it had a caterpillar!! 
He painted and directed gem placement on the treasure box for Mommy.  That gold star on the right side was the last one applied. He thought long and hard before picking that spot for it.

Time flew right by and then it was Christmas Eve. These two stopped by our house right after church.  Don't they look sweet in their pretty dresses!

We had a yummy dinner of National Coney Island hot from Michigan. A big thank you to my mom for sending them to us!!  We enjoyed every bite!!

Christmas Eve is a great time for taking pictures of a cute baby  by the tree!

I'm not sure what these two were up to...but I loved the expressions on their faces!!  I love watching them play together.

Christmas Eve is a good time for games too...the game of choice for this night was dominoes.  But all good things must come to an end...especially when three little girls needed to get home so they could be tucked into bed.  So all three put on their Christmas PJs and said good night!


While about 20 miles away two little boys were already in their Christmas PJ's watching a Veggie Tales Christmas DVD.  Look how pretty their tree was.  Thanks Johanna for posting these photos for me to 'borrow'!  I missed the boys Christmas Eve and Day...but seeing these nice shots helped out a bunch!! 

Christmas morning with Elijah and Caleb.

I'm closing in on the end of Christmas 2013...but not quite yet.  Stay tuned!!


Ann said...

How fun for the little to do their Christmas shopping/crafting right there at your house. They look like they had a great time and their gifts are adorable.

Scrap for Joy said...

Hmmm, I thought I already commented on this post but I guess only in my mind! I love the crafts you did with the kids and isn't that the best part of grandmothering..DOING things with the grandkidlets ? You are a clever, loving grandmother!