Monday, January 6, 2014

The Best Part of My Christmas

 Having all these sweet faces near me!  I didn't love that we couldn't all be together on Christmas Eve and Day...but I did love that I had multiple days with family.  Here's a peek at the faces I saw on the 25th and 28th of December.  Two Christmas celebrations equals two times the fun!!
Mandy gave Lulu a Mooshka doll...the doll kind of resembles Lulu!

Jacqi's due date is Jan. 8th...she's about ready!

Penelope is modeling her new gloves from Gramma & Grandpa, & her new vest from my mom. 
Look at Katie and Kevin admiring her modeling skills!

Elijah thought that modeling looked he gave it a try!
Mark is the baby whisperer.....he can always get Lulu to sleep!

Another special moment with Caleb...he's sitting on my lap!  This does not
ever helped that he was watching something on the TV.

Grandpa and "the Lu" taking a little snooze.

Penelope is enjoying her new Rapunzel book...beautiful illustrations!

After dinner and presents...some of us enjoyed a little down time.

Sweet Caleb.

Charlotte and her momma playing with the
 Rainbow Loom...and thousands of tiny rubber bands. 

They're watching some silly cat videos on my laptop...I'm not sure what Caleb
is thinking...but he sure looks cute!

Charlotte, Lulu, three sweet grandgirls!

This guy will be six...tomorrow!!!  What?!!


Mandy thought this tree had sold out at Target...but her mom found her one! 
Such a good mom!

Elijah got this Spelling Bee game from GGma.  He got a birthday card from her on
Saturday and told me that GGma spells great-grandma!

We love having Mark's mum visit us from England each Christmas. 
I know Brenda loved having some special time with Lulu...
the last time she saw her was in June.

Guess what Johanna's favorite Christmas movie is?  Yep,
"A Christmas Story"!
Katie gave her the tote filled with fat quarters
of fabric.  I think she likes both the tote & the fabric!

Joe - "I never cease to amaze myself".....and you
never cease to amaze me either!!

How blessed I am....just look at them all!
Not only do we all live close by...we all get along!
We love each a other  bunch!!
Most importantly, we all love the Lord, and we had a blast celebrating Him and celebrating family during Christmas 2013!!!
The whole crazy, wonderful bunch!!



Trace4J said...

Happy New Year Friend
Yes you are blessed.
Beautiful Family!
Woolie Blessings

Scrap for Joy said...

I love all of the individual family photos! It was nice that you were able to stretch out your time together. Cute, cute kids in your family and cousin time is so important!
Happy. New Year dear friend! Hope your little package came.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful familily and beautiful celebrations! Blessings abundant . Thanks for sharing. Pj

Raymonde said...

Love all of the happy faces. Happy New Year. May you have plenty more days like those. Is the baby there yet? Regards

Ann said...

Looks like you had lots of fun. It's always a pleasure to sit in on your family gatherings :)

Simply Shelley said...

Such a beautiful family...lots of smiles and good times...that's what makes a happy family,and everybody loving the Lord together :) The icing on the cake....blessings sweet friend

Peggy said...

How blessed you all are!