Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Look at him with those eyes wide open!
He lives minutes away from me...but I've only seen him in person one time.
His grandma from Florida is visiting, and he has an aunt and uncle moving from here
to Japan soon.  I figured I should stay away and give them plenty of
"hugs and kisses" time with this sweet little guy!
Lucky for me, Jacqi shares lots of photos on Facebook!!
But Gramma will see you soon!



The Moonlit Stitch said...

Ohhh...I remember those days when their little soft baby socks go halfway up to their knees! Such a special time - you go get your hugs in Grandma! There are enough to go around! Precious baby! ~*~Lisa

Anonymous said...

Marie, He is so beautiful. You can't love babies enough. They grow so quickly. Pj

Ann said...

What a little sweetheart he is and aren't you sweet to give them extra time to spend with him