Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

Yesterday was my day I took a quick trip
to a couple of my favorite thrift stores. 

It was a good day for finding glass!

I found this pretty pedestal dish for 75 cents, and the set of
5 berry bowls was $4.00.  Pretty good deals I think!!

I also round this salt and pepper set for $2.00.  I need to try and clean them a little
bit they sparkle.  I'm not going to put salt and pepper into them though. 
They're each going to become a snowman!

Now this find isn't glass...but it's clear.  I bought them because I want to make
some of the snow jars Charlotte and Penelope made during our crafting sleep-over.

I never shared the finished snow jars.
Thank you Katie, for bringing Charlotte's snow jar for me to photograph!

I don't think wine glasses have ever looked so good!!
I'm thinking they might be cute for Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day,
Springtime, the 4th of July, etc, etc, etc!!



Lululiz said...

Excellent finds, the little pedestal dish is gorgeous!

Scrap for Joy said...

Salt and pepper snowmen! Perfect! The wine glass snow globes are a cute idea, too!
Have a toasty Thursday!

Ann said...

I've been trying to keep myself out of the thrift You found some nice stuff and when I saw that salt and pepper set the first thing I thought of was snowmen.

Peggy said...

Definitely good finds! I love the little snow globes. You're right, they could be adapted for any holiday. What fun creating those could be!