Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Elijah!

 I can't believe that this guy is six years old today!!
Time is speeding by.  I've posted about Elijah's birthday six times now.  Click the link if you'd like to see Elijah's birthdays.
It's great to have him growing up all in one spot!

I love this photo of him.  He's such a sweet boy!  Last year he joined a soccer team for the first time.  Most five year olds are hysterical on the soccer field.  Elijah was no exception!!  He learned a little about soccer and teamwork, and a lot about having some fun, and trying something new.
Elijah is having a superhero party next Sunday...I found the perfect book for him
on Amazon!!  But don't tell!  It's a surprise!!

I hope you have a super, special day Elijah!!
Grandpa and I love you a bunch!!


Peggy said...

Happy Birthday to Elijah! Isn't it something to see how they grow?

Ann said...

A very happy birthday to Elijah. He sure is growing up fast