Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Do You 'Needle' little Valentine?

I was looking at Valentines at Target the other day...almost every package involved a character related to a cartoon show. It made me think about the Valentines that were available when I was a little girl in the Sixties.  I think they were so much cuter!
Here's a few of my favorites.



And speaking of Valentines....I now have SIX little Valentines to love! 
They were all together for the very first time on Sunday.
Here's a peek at all the cuteness that was going on!!

Caleb - 2 1/2, Elijah - 6, and Fletcher - brand new!

Charlotte - 5 1/2, Penelope - 4 1/2, and Louisa (AKA Lulu) - 9 months.

My mom is enjoying her visit...especially the meeting Fletcher part  of it! 
Just look at that sweet face!  (Mom has a sweet face too!)



Ann said...

The Valentines back in the day were way better than the ones they're making now.
Sweet pictures of all the littles.

Jo said...

I'm amazed you got Caleb to look at the camera AND smile. Love all the pics of the kids. They look so enthused in the first one ;-)

Scrap for Joy said...

I love the old Valentines, too. I especially love the ones with puns...always makes me chuckle.
The pictures of the kidlets reminds me of the line, "getting 6 children to look at the camera at the same time is kind of like nailing jello to a tree", or something like that. You did a pretty good job. I'm so glad that Charlotte dressed for the occasion. I bet your Mom is enjoying seeing all of them!