Monday, March 10, 2014

Rediscovered Treasures

I've been doing a little cleaning, sorting, organizing, displaying, etc. in my craft room. 
I came across some rediscovered treasures to display around my craft room. 
A couple of my favorites are the golden giraffes (or twigas if you speak Swahili) and the bottle
cap number magnets.

I also rediscovered some treasures to share.
Please stop by tomorrow so you can enter my giveaway.
Happy Monday!!!
"Rediscovered Treasures" is a hint by the way.


Ann said...

always a pleasure to rediscover treasure :)
These are all cute and I especially like the numbered bottle caps

Scrap for Joy said...

Looks like some fun stuff, Marie! I love clipboards...I can never resist them at yard sales. So much fun to repurpose. I'm going to be in and out on my blog for a while. We are doing major purging here...I'm discovering all kinds of things I forgot about!
Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

Marie, Great things to create with. I am not in this give alway, I prefer the vintage things that you create. You are so talented! Pj.