Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I have the best initials.  
They stand for my first and last names, but the also spell ME.  
As in ME!  I just love that!
When I make price tags for my creations at craft shows I put my initials on the tag.  
Usually in the lower right corner. 
When someone asks, "who made that", I say "ME".  
I know, I probably should say "I did", but...I just can't help myself!

Bill bought these initials for ME many years ago.  Right now they're hanging on the wall in my office.  Someday soon I think I'll bring them home.  They were designed by Mary Engelbreit.  Her initials are the same as mine...ME!  Actually she's had those initials about twenty years longer than ME.  Her mother's initials were also ME....I sure hope they don't mind sharing them with ME!


Ann said...

Those are perfect initials

Barbara Eads said...

I bought my daughter (whose initials are also ME) the bookends years ago. I like my initials too---BE!

Scrap for Joy said...

Oh my! I never made that connection! The perfect gift for "ME"! I am a big Mary E fan...love her happy art!