Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tunnels of Fun

 My Mom gave the "littles" some special treats for Easter.  
They three big "littles" got some fun tunnels to play with.  
They were a hit!! 

Elijah shared his with Caleb too.
  Here's a peek at Caleb standing in the tunnel. 
 Love this photo!

Caleb got a really neat puzzle from his Great-Gramma...little doors with magnets inside. 
He'll enjoy this a bunch!

But the tunnels got the most attention.  
Both inside the house and out.

Fletcher and Lulu got some puzzles too....but no turn in the tunnels.  Maybe next year.  
They just spent the day sitting around, looking really cute!  
They both do that so very well!

Kinda feels like they're watching you, doesn't it?


Ann said...

Well I like puzzles but I admit that those tunnels do look like fun. That picture of Caleb in the tunnel is awesome

Scrap for Joy said...

Great gifts! Fun for all!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your Mom picked winner gifts! Love all the grand children pictures. Pj