Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Painted Black

I'm trying to change how I prepare for the annual Christmas Arts & Crafts Show that I participate in. Rushing around like a crazy person, getting little sleep, and being frustrated at my lack of production needs to be a thing of the past!  To that end, I spent Saturday and Sunday evenings trying to make a dent in my "things to make" list.  I recently shared some "supplies" in this blog post. I spent some time painting a few of them...plus some other pieces I didn't share.

I used Martha Stewart's Satin craft paint for the first time.  I LOVE it! 
It goes on so smooth and the coverage is awesome!!

Only problem now is talking myself out of keeping some of the pieces!! 
I'm especially fond of the "cracker tray"...it looked just like THIS ONE when I started.

I also painted this larger, handled tray.  A perfect display for your pearls!

What!? You don't have any pearls!  Well, honestly, if I was planning on keeping this piece I would fill it with eggs right now, then some little pots of flowers, maybe apples in Autumn, and definitely some vintage ornaments when Christmas came around.  I'd have to pick a nice wintry display too...but I really don't want to think about Winter right now!

Not only did I do some painting....I did some gluing too!!
Stay tuned....


Ann said...

Your pieces look great. I have several wood pieces that I need to paint. I'll have to look for that Martha Stewart paint. I especially like the black color for some reason. Your cracker tray looks much better in black than the original look.

Katherine Thomas said...

Those are fantastic! How do you make the edges in a different color like that? I love that effect! I would keep all of them, I think. And the way you accessorized them is so stunning with the light colors against the black. These will be favorites at the arts and crafts show!

Anonymous said...

Oh Marie, how lovely are these. You are so talented. Way to get an early start. Your creative juices are flowing, go with it now! Pj

Scrap for Joy said...

We used to have a wonderful consignment craft shop in our area (gone now đŸ˜¢) and there was a man whose booth was filled with black painted wood pieces....well, not filled unless you got there on the day he delivered them. They would always fly out the door. Your pieces are really well done my friend...love the worn edges...perfect aging! This kind of thing is really popular and should do really well for you. I have to also say that your photos are awesome...love the handled tray with the pearls! Lovely!