Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Perfect Timing

On Saturday I received a belated birthday card in the mail, along with a gift card to Michaels.  There was a very sweet "sorry I'm late" message from the sender.  But actually her card arrived at exactly the most perfect time.  I needed a couple things, so I decided to go to Michaels Saturday afternoon.  Imagine my delight when I discovered that the clearance items were 70% off the red sticker (clearance) price!  Take a look at all the goodies I found!

I added up the regular prices and all this comes to over $150.00!!  I paid $19.95...including tax!

I always need markers with the "littles" around, and I bet they'll like the clay too!

I know two little girls who are going to LOVE the glitter tape!

The bird stamp ended up costing about $1.50!!  I love the cute little striped bags,
the tiny garland, and the metallic markers.

I couldn't pass up these pads of cute paper.

The red felted wool is saying "Christmas ornaments" to me, and I can always
use extra stuff for making necklaces. 

Mandy might take the "ampersand"...we'll paint it, or cover it with some fun paper. 
The file folders are for me. 

There are six different patterns...each one is so pretty.
It'll be fun to store crafty inspiration in them!
This belated birthday gift arrived on just the right day!
I had the best time shopping for all these treasures.
Thank you, Thank you, dear Regina!!

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Ann said...

What a wonderful surprise and so much fun to find such a great sale going on.
I don't think I've ever seen the mod podge in those cute little pots before.
I LOVE that bird stamp