Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Before and During

Katie and her family have been staying with us while their only full bathroom has been undergoing a transformation.  Having 2 more adults and two small children in the house all the time has been fun...mostly!  :)  No where is the addition of them more evident (to me) than the kitchen and dining room.  The first photo was taken the day before they arrived.  The second one was taken Monday night.  This is after we cleaned up from dinner.

August 4, 2014

August 18, 2014
Yes, that is a bottle of wine in the above photo...see it there on the right?  It's still unopened...I'm saving it for the day they're able to move back to their own home.  I want to celebrate the quietness that follows their departure the completion of their bathroom!
You can see s little bit of the transformation if you visit Katie's Instagram....the link is in the sidebar.

Really it hasn't been bad at fact Bill and I both commented about how we'll miss them. We'll just have to adjust to regular visits again. (and the clean counter) 

Oh, and speaking of Instagram....take a peek at my page.  Click on the photo of the white box that has arms and legs (it's actually a video). You'll get a ten second sample of some of the entertainment we got to enjoy the past two weeks!!

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Ann said...

Having extra people in my house would have made me open that bottle of wine and start celebrating