Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sure Gonna Miss Them

Unfortunately, the whole family isn't leaving on a jet plane.  We had dinner with this group the night before we Red Robin. It's our restaurant of choice when we head to Joe and Jo's part of town.  Elijah and Caleb love the french fries at Red Robin!!  I love the Royal Red Robin burger!!  A  fried egg on a burger, plus lettuce, tomato, and cheese. So good!!

We had to be at the airport Friday we decided to meet this bunch for lunch before that. 
Kevin and Jacqi have their home up for sale, so they're staying at our house while we're away.  It'll be a lot easier to have their home ready to "show" at a moments notice if no one is living in it.  Penelope is excited to have the playroom at our house all to herself.  
Fletcher is happy to be wherever his mommy is!

We're going to miss this bunch...but someone has to stay home. Who would I buy special souvenirs for if everyone was there!!?

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Ann said...

Something tells me that each of them would get special souvenirs even if they were with
I would say have fun but I know you are :)