Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Back to Normal

Yep...life is good!
I love it when things are back to normal.
When everything is in it's place.

Things have been out of place for several weeks.
I took down all the Christmas decorations mid January.  But I left all the spaces empty.

I left all my everyday decorations packed in boxes. Wasn't quite sure what I wanted to put where.  Plus there was a definite lack of motivation to unpack those boxes.

So we had a lot of empty flat surfaces. Highly unusual in this house!  If it's flat it tends to get stuff stacked on it.  But not this time.  Things just stayed empty.

Finally even Bill was commenting on the blank spaces in the living room and dining room.  So I decided it was time to get out those boxes and fill up those spaces.  I discovered that I had a lot of really nice things packed up.  
(how quickly we forget...after all the stuff wasn't packed away that long!)

I love that nothing has a specific spot...I can rearrange from year to year.  Use something in a different way and in a different space.  It's a good thing too...I would have a hard time remembering where I used something previously!

There's a real eclectic feel in my house.  I love bright colors...and that's what's in most of the rooms.  But the living and dining room lean more toward warm colors. 

There are a lot of warm wood finishes on the furniture...and lots of red and green decorative pieces.  Red and green! My favorite color combination!

I lean towards vintage, country, primitive accessories.  I love using old books to decorate with....especially red and green ones!

But I've really been trying to move a little of the bright, cheery colors into this space.  So I'm using a lot of natural colored doilies and runners...it's amazing how much that brightens things up!

I've even started using my third favorite color in these rooms.  Deep aqua blue.  I'm finally paying attention to the color inspiration towel my daughters gave me two years ago!

 I found a great picture at Hobby Lobby several months ago. I think it's the perfect touch.  The aqua color is working...along with the red and green. Oh yes, and the sunflower gold as well!  

Here's the towel in question.  My daughters are pretty smart. This towel has inspired my decorating in multiple spaces...including this bedroom!  



Anonymous said...

Beautifully done! Pj

Ann Thompson said...

I want you to come decorate my house. I always love the way you put things together

Libbie Doyle said...

Those strawberry soda caps are just the sweetest!!! I loved seeing what you had packed away too Marie...you are right...lots of goodies!

I 'm too one track minded to put anything into a new spot though :) Once something goes in its place here...I never move it :) love that you rearrange!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Sometimes it is easier to start with a fresh perspective. I do like you and put things away and do not bring them back out. My way of thinking is this: if I have not seen it, missed it or used it in a year, then time to move it on. But then there are those things that are really, really sentimental that won't be allowed to move on...

LOVE that bird dish! And red and green....oh yea! Awesome!

I have the linen sachet that you sent me years ago in my dining room. It lives with other special pieces...


Donna said...

So many pretty things! Love the way you decorate!

Barbara Eads said...

I love all of your vintage things. It makes me think your house must be a welcoming place.

Simply Shelley said...

I'm guessing you had a lot of fun filling in all those blank spaces, and might I add you did a wonderful job of it too. It all looks very nice Marie. I love your style,ours seems to be somewhat alike. Blessings