Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Eggs

Easter Egg decorating couldn't have been easier at my house 
this year...thanks to Walmart and Target!

First I found these "Decorating Easter Eggs" at Walmart. 
Plain white, dyeable, lightweight eggs....and only $1.98!

A few days later I found these Egg Wraps at Target...$3.00 for the package.

Eggs plus wraps plus a pot of boiling water and a spoon later and I have 
some really pretty, unbreakable decorative eggs. 
Ms. Chick and I are very happy!

I love the bright, cheery colors!

If you're counting, you may have noticed that there are only eleven eggs.  
Sadly, one of the wraps slipped and then sealed around the end of one of the eggs. 
I guess it took the place of the boiled one I usually break each year...


Ann said...

Those are pretty. I haven't colored any eggs. Maybe I need to make a trip to Walmart for a dozen of those eggs

Katherine Thomas said...

That is such a good idea to have dyeable eggs that will never spoil!!! Wish they'd had those when my kids were little! Have a wonderful weekend with your family Marie! I can't wait to see the photos, I know they'll all be adorable!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

So pretty!