Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hot & Muggy....Cold & Fluffy (and Deep)

When I left work today it was hot and it was muggy, my car was hot and muggy, and consequently I was hot and muggy. I knew that it wouldn't be hot and muggy once I got home but I also knew that there would be no wonderful blast of cold air greeting me when I opened the door. My ninety year old father-in-law moved in with us in December 2007. He used to live in Florida and he's definitely a lover of warm weather. That's what would be greeting me when I got home...warm weather (thermostat set at 79 degrees) and Dad wearing a sweatshirt!

I got to thinking about snow and how great it would be to have a snowstorm in July...just one could melt away the next day...and since it would be a magical snowstorm (I mean what other kind would you have in Maryland in July) no flowers or foliage would be harmed. I'd like about eight inches, maybe a little more. Cold & fluffy...and deep! That's how I like my snow!

Most of my family and friends will think I'm a little bit crazy but I am so ready for some of this white stuff. I love snow! I guess that would make more sense if I loved to ski or if I was a fan of snowboarding or sledding, but I 'm not. I like to look at it, walk through it, and eat it (as long as I know where it's been). I don't even mind shoveling it or cleaning it off of cars. I especially like to watch others play in it.

These are pictures of Jacqi, my oldest son's wife. They were taken in February 2006 about 7 months after they got married and about 7 months after she moved here to Maryland from Texas. Jacqi grew up in southern states and this was her first real experience with a big snow. She loved it. I bet she and Kevin were outside for at least three hours. They had a great time building their snowman, throwing snowballs and making snow angels. I don't know if this picture does justice to the depth of the snow...but that was one deep snow angel!
I really enjoyed watching them play.

I love snow...did I mention that?
Cold & fluffy...and deep!

After about an hour of looking through some of my "snow" pictures on my computer I feel much better. I feel kind of clean, refreshed, even the driven snow. Was that a blast of cold air I just felt?

Corny? Yes...but I love it!

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Counting Your Blessings said...

Oh I'm with you on this one! It's been so hot here the last few days!

Your blog is looking wonderful. Thank you for your email the other day. We lost our phone & dsl lines so I'm very behind! Have a beautiful weekend. Blessings... Poly