Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Suitcase Full of Books

I have these three little suitcases stacked next to a really comfy chair in my living room. I had to have them because they were 75% off at Michael's a few years ago. At the time I thought they would be a great place to stash stuff. Guess what? They're still empty!

But - I have a plan (actually I have about a zillion plans but I'll go with this one first). The bottom suitcase is the perfect size for books. Not just any books - (grand) children's books! I can just see Elijah, Charlotte and any future grandbabies opening the suitcase, pulling out their favorite story, climbing up on my lap (I will, of course, be in the "really comfy chair") and saying, "Gramma, read this to me please". Naturally they'll say please because they will be the most polite, sweet, well-behaved little children you'd ever want to meet...especially when they're with their gramma! Oh, I'm getting teary-eyed just thinking about it!!

The top suitcase will be perfect for photographs of all their relatives near and far. I'm going to print out copies just for their little fingers to hold. They'll hold up every one of them and say "who's this Gramma?" each time. I will patiently (at least the first dozen or so times) respond with the answer. As for the case in the middle....well it will be a treasure chest. It will be filled with all manner of love, bounty and special treats. I can hardly wait!!
Here's one of the books that I have for the special "book"case.
I love squirrels!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY (tomorrow) to my brother John!!


Scrap for Joy said...

Hi Marie,
I love the stacked suitcases-I've been searching for some old ones to stack, maybe I should just go to Michael's and get some. They certainly look vintage! You and I think alike about some things. I have a shelf for "grandchildren books". I pick them up at garage sales or library sales and they go right on my shelf. Charlie is just 8 months old, but already likes to look at books. I too, love squirrels!!!!! I'm always on the look-out for children's books with squirrels in them. I laughed when I saw your book. Happy Day!

Regina said...

What a great idea! I have a collection of children's books that I am looking forward to reading to my own...whenever they happen to come along. *grin*