Sunday, August 3, 2008

Food, Two Babies and a Bird.

Here we are at the family get-together at Cracker Barrel last Sunday. It looks like Elijah is having a tough time deciding what he'd like to order and the ten adults who were there with him had an equally difficult time. But we finally decided and a veritable feast appeared on our table in no time. I think there must have been a little bit of everything set before us. Biscuits and corn muffins, salads, french fries, chicken, meat loaf, eggs, pancakes, green beans, mac & cheese, etc, etc,etc!
Did you know that since 1969, Cracker Barrel has "been offering hearty meals made with quality ingredients prepared fresh throughout the day". They "believe it's what makes favorites like Chicken n' Dumplins, Meatloaf and Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits so special". I'll buy that - actually I did. I had the "Sampler" and it came with all three of those aforementioned favorites!! I had a little time to read over the menu and pick up on some of their catchy phrases...can you tell!
You know the only problem with eating there is I never have room for dessert and I feel like I'm really missing out if I can't have some of that yummy cobbler they're so famous for!!
Elijah and Charlotte will have to wait a bit before they can enjoy some good country cookin', but for now the bottles and the mushed up green beans seemed to be keeping them happy. Elijah fell asleep in my arms when he and I rocked away in one of the Cracker Barrel Rockers. "Comfortable, inviting and designed to help you relax and feel completely at home"...that's what their literature says and it's true. Think I'll put in an order for one for Christmas. *HINT!
It's always fun to get together at Cracker Barrel - Elijah & Charlotte certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves! Aunt Mandy was holding them while I snapped a "few pictures" - well, maybe a little more than a few. But only 52!
I managed to sneak in a little shopping while we were waiting to be seated...but it had to be quick because the 35 minute wait was only 15 minutes long and when the meal is over - it's time to go! But I managed to find a couple cute little Christmas presents for friends (can't say what, 'cause they might be reading this) and I got this great little pillow with a fat bird on it for myself! I love fat birds!
The pillow was the cherry on top of a great "Sunday"!

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Scrap for Joy said...

Oh Marie, the picture of Elijah and the menu is so funny! It certainly does look like he's mulling it over! Cracker Barrel is a fun place to go but I always eat way too much....cause it's so good. You and I both love squirrels and fat birds...that's too funny. Have a great day.