Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Spiritual Surgery

My husband Bill had a cataract removed from one of his eyes yesterday. The surgery went smoothly and he's seeing clearly again. But it was tough for awhile...the cataract distorted his vision while he was driving, it blurred his favorite TV shows and it tired out his other eye because it was working twice as hard as usual.
My eyes are okay...as long as I have my glasses on...even so, I know there are things clouding my vision. But the difference between Bill and I is that he had no control over his cataract while I have a lot of control over the things distorting my sight.
I am constantly letting things interfere with my vision of what's important in life. There's the very disorganized and very full garage. There are my cats who as they age forget things. Like where their litter boxes are! Speaking of boxes, there are boxes stacked up in the basement and not a moment to spare to sort through them and the WEEDS....oh, so many weeds! Then there's the beautiful tree in the middle of my front lawn. I love it so much and it's dying. Half of it is anyway. My rose bushes have little black spots and have I mentioned the WEEDS?! Why is it that the weeds grow like crazy but the grass not so much!
I can't forget my collection of knick-knacks...also known as curios, trinkets, bits & bobs, odds & ends, or (my personal favorite) tchotchkes! You know what the definition of a tchotchke is? A small decorative item usually of no particular value. Of no particular value? Then why do I have SO many! Because I've bought a lot, received many as gifts and, just recently, inherited a bunch of them when my father-in-law joined our household. I love them but the dusting....it takes forever. Even the thought of sorting and getting rid of some overwhelms me. Same thing goes for my craft room and my over abundance of craft supplies. It could be a lovely studio...but that takes time.
So many things to do and so little time to do it in. So many regular responsibilities to take care of before there's time to tackle all these other things. But tackle them I do...one at a time...a little bit each day...somehow, slowly, I'm managing to get it all done. But at what cost? What do I put off because of all these things that need my attention? I bet you see where I'm heading.
The easiest thing not to do is reading my Bible...and the easiest person to say "can I get back to you later" to is the Lord. Whoa - talk about a cloudy, blurry, distorted vision. Where are my priorities? I need to be praying for a little bit of spiritual surgery in my life!

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me....I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now, I see.


vikki said...

hi marie! thanx for coming over for a visit! wonderful post! i see 'things' that should be done here, too, and do some but keep thinking tomorrow is another day. but we never know, do we? we just have to be thank*ful for what we can do and do git done, and spend some time with God. love your little babies! i bet you do, too! sucha gift from God, a blessing! have a wonderful blissful day. hugs, vikki ♥

kathy said...

Oh how correct you are --
sometimes life has a way of redirecting our focus -- Saw your comment on vikki's site -- My hub says -- God speaks to him in many ways, throught the Holy spirit --through Prayer , his word , messages , inspirational books -and (even sometimes me LOL! )thanks for being a(a blog ) reminder to focus on God today -- Bible school looming next week - and I certainly want to take God and his word with me -- Blessings Kathy - GA

Ree at Prairie Rose Cottage said...

Wow-just ran across this. It could have been written by me. It describes so much of my life right now. It helps to know I am not alone. :)