Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm Going on Vacation....

...well sorta! Beginning this evening I'll be house/pet sitting for a friend of mine who's on her way to Tuscany! She and her husband will be seeing the sights in Tuscany and I'll be relaxing and playing with Chewy in Maryland. Personally, I think I will have the better time. Just me and Chewy for 12 whole days! It's going to be so restful ~ I'll still have to go to work ~ but my evenings will be so different. My home is in such a dis-array right's anything but calm. That's what I'm most looking forward to ~ calm ~ and being away from the clutter. It'll be there when I return ~ but I certainly won't miss it in the meantime. (Just in case they're reading this, I want my family to know that I will miss them!)

Here's my accomodations for my stay ~ complete with chocolate and magazines on the bedside table. My friend thinks of everything, to include melts in a simmer pot ~ what a yummy smell greeted me! I'm sure my sweet friend won't mind me sharing little bits of her beautiful home with you ~ so stay tuned!


Meet Chewy ~ isn't he a sweetie!


our shabby cottage said...

Wow, they say a change is as good as a holiday, so enjoy it Marie!! Sounds like a few days peace and quiet will do you the world of good. Have fun, Kathryn. XX

Scrap for Joy said...

Don't you feel as if you're at a resort? I always say that going away anywhere is a vacation as long as the phone doesn't ring for me. Have a relaxing time and fun with Chewy.