Friday, October 3, 2008

A Quiet Evening

I was so glad when the work day ended today ~ I was up early for a doctor appointment and then it was a crazy busy day at the office! What a treat to know that I would be heading off to my "vacation home" for another quiet evening! But first a stop at the grocery store.

I picked up some veggies & strawberries. I also got some soy milk to go with my cereal. I've never tried soy milk....but I've heard good things, so I'll give it a shot!
When I arrived at my friend's home last night, there was a pile of tomatos on the counter. So for dinner I sliced them thick and ate them with some cheese. I also had a little bit of potato salad that I picked up. I ate outside while Chewy got some exercise. It's been a very nice evening so far. Next stop a comfy chair ~ with a stack of magazines and that bowl of strawberries!

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