Monday, November 24, 2008

Random Monday Memories

Cold ~ day 6. My throat is scratchy, my nose is stuffy & my head is foggy ~ memories (random or not) are slow in coming. But through the fog I see a cobalt blue glass jar in the distance....and it triggers memories of the past.

I remember when I was a little girl I would get a seal sounding kind of cough, my nose would get all stuffed up and my chest and my throat would hurt so much. My mom would rub a thick layer of Vicks on my chest and my throat and then she'd wrap an old cloth diaper around my neck and tuck the ends into my pajama top. The warmth kind of seeped into my chest and throat and the vapors cleared my nose ~ it was wonderful! I loved that smell! I confess that I used to take that blue jar out of the medicine chest just so I could unscrew the lid and take a whiff every now and then! Ahhhh! I can smell it now!

My children didn't seem to appreciate the benefits of Vicks as much as I did. "The fumes make my eyes burn!" "That stuff stinks!" "I don't like how that feels on me!" "Stop rubbing, it tickles too much!"
They don't know what they were missing! I think I'll go get that little blue (now plastic) jar and take a sniff ~ I'd rub some on but I don't think the disposable diapers would work the same as those old cloth ones my mom used!


Kimberly said...

Wow! We have the same memory! Moms and Vicks made a winning combination!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Oh dear, sounds like you have the really bad cold like I did. Its just lousy but maybe you'll be feeling well before the holidays.

I used to love Vicks too. My mil has a reallllllly old Vicks jar in her medicine cabinet. Its made of metal with an old pop lid. I love it!

Hope you feel better very soon. In the meantime, you just keep resting.

Wishing you a happy (and well) Thanksgiving,

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes, I remember being smeared with Vicks also. *grin* What a wonderful memory and one that the younger generation does not appreciate like we did. :)
Feel better soon!!

AnnaSam said...

AHHh memories!! LOL I remember Vicks also!Have a blessed day!

Wendy said...

Oh yes I remember my mom doing the same thing, but she also would put some under my nose to clear it!! I too used to take out the bottle and sniff it!!LOL Thanks for the memories!! Take care!~Wendy

Shelley said...

Hi Marie,so sorry you still are not feeling well. AWE, I remember good Ole'Vicks vabor rub,as well. I use it still,have it by my bedside,and my grandkids always want a little under their nose when they are here for a sleepover. I read where you can rub your feet good with it,put on warm socks and it will stop your cough. My daughter try it on Jalyn and said it worked quick!
Hope you have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving.


our shabby cottage said...

Oh you poor thing. I love vicks and use it everytime I get a cold. I love the eucalyptus smell....

Debi said...

Marie dear,
I have memories of that cobalt blue bottle too... mine are more like your childrens. lol. But the thought of all of the love that went into taking the time to rub it all over, now that is the best part of those memories now!! Thanks for sharing and bringing back some of my own. I am sorry your sick thou :( I do hope your feeling much better now!

I hope your having a wonderfully blessed day! :D