Monday, December 15, 2008

Random Monday Memories

I spent some time sorting out Christmas gifts last night and it was way more fun than it's been for many years! That's because I'm buying toys again! I love toys ~ and not all that electronic stuff that's called toys these days. Those things are fine ~ I even bought a couple "video game" type toys for the grandbabies. But what I really like are dolls and trucks, dishes and blocks, books and puzzles.Things you can make stuff with and things that make you think.

One special toy (read here for a couple others) I remember fondly from my childhood was "The Little Red Spinning Wheel". It didn't really spin but it sure could "knit" really long tubes of yarn and then you could fashion the tubes into things like pot holders and doll scarfs. It was great fun!

I wish I had a picture of me playing with my Little Red Spinning Wheel, but alas, I don't ~ thought I'd share this one instead.

This woman looks like she's having great fun with her spinning wheel too!


our shabby cottage said...

The picture of the old lady spinning is great Marie! What a lovely Monday Memory!

Barb said...

My first time here. I'm interested in knowing about the little bird on the 'nest'. The one where a hoto of you might have been placed.Did you make it?

The tables are gorgeous!
Barbara Jean

GardenGoose said...

that's a neat memory..I've never seen a toy like that before..but I remember kids at school having the little spool knitters.
wanted to stop by and wish you and yours a lovely Christmas.
and to also let you know about my new blog:
(I still have my gardengoose blog..this new one is simply geared totally towards gardening)
and wanted to invite you to the Small Town Living forums in case you haven't been by:
Have a great week!

Karen L. said...

Hi Marie, I read your comment on resurrection ferns blog post under the lace snow crystals entry. Wondered if you could tell me what ICE resin is? It sounds like just the thing to use for these decorations for those of us not in a cold climate. Thanks if you can help. Now I'll go back and read your blog.

marie said...

Karen - you should be able to get someinfo on ICE resin here.

But from the sound of it ~ it's probably too expensive a product to use the way "fern" used ice. I wish it was colder here. I love her doilies!

Thanks for visiting! (I didn't know how to contact you, so i hope you come back to read this)

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

What great photos! I love old time toys too. There's just nothing like a pile of colored blocks and a keen imagination.