Monday, January 12, 2009

Random Monday Memories

Ok ~ who remembers Spoolies? The little pink "martini glass" curlers ~ the bits of rubbery plastic that curled you hair overnight without poking and denting your scalp.

I loved those cute little rubber hair curlers shaped like a martini glass. After you wrapped your hair around the ‘stem’, the bowl of the ‘glass’ was inverted down over the stem. Easy to put in and easy to sleep on!! You can still purchase them at The Vermont Country Store.

Then there was the Toni home perm ~The idea of a getting a professional style wave at home was a major success story for Toni home permanent and The Toni Company. I remember getting at least one of these perms in the sixties. I don't remember liking it! Sorry Mom! You did a good job giving the perm I'm sure ~ but I don't think it was the real me! Plus I seem to remember those home perms being really smelly! I also remember the little papers I had to pass to my mom as she put in each little perm rod.

At least I didn't have to use one of these things to curl my hair! Looks like torture to me!

Short and staight ~ that's my "do" of choice now!


Jo said...

Very interesting... Those rubber curlers sound ingenious. I never would have thought about the top of the glass covering the bottom.

Charmingdesigns said...

Thanks for coming funny. i remember both of those hair Laurie

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Oh dear, that last picture looks scary! LOL I'm so glad I'm a simple girl that just goes with however I happen to wake up!


Diane said...

Oh! I remember that hanging perm thing! When I was about 4 my mother took me to a beauty salon and had my hair permed with one of those horrors. I remember crying! Ah...the price of beauty! LOL!