Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Finally Did it!

Dare I say....I'm almost embarrassed to admit it....I finally took down my Christmas tree. I'm so glad it's down. I love to get the Christmas stuff put away and re-arrange the furniture a little bit. I love to put back some of my favorite things that get packed up at Christmas time.

These two little pillows are a couple of my favorites ~ I really hope I take "simplify" to heart this year.

This is one of my favorite little groupings in my living room. The little bird is my second favorite "fat bird". My first favorite is my profile picture. The little red berry tree is a candle I found at a thrift store years ago.

When I took the tree down I also took the snowman off my front door ~ this is the new door sign. I just found it at Homegoods ~ I think it looks pretty good. I think it will look even better after I paint the front door ~ I think it's going to be barn red.

I love all the great decorating ideas I find here in the land of blog. One thing I've really loved seeing is the transformation of thrift store finds using black paint. I think I'm going to try out some black paint on this little chair.......

.......and on this reproduction cranberry picker. I think I'm going to love the outcome. I'll post some pictures when I get them done.


our shabby cottage said...

Hi Marie, I have given you an award, pop on over to see it, Kathryn. XX
P.S well done on finally putting the Christmas Tree down!!!

Sandi said...

I love it! I finally unplugged the outdoor Christmas lights along the porch railing today. I absolutely hated to do it because I love the twinkling lights. They help make this MN winter a little less gloomy. As far as Christmas trees go......well, I took down the big one in the living room and a little one in the family room but the one in the dining room is staying up all year! I am keeping Christmas all year long this year and I love to pass by the little tree, especially at night and see the soft glow of the lights. :-)

Shelley said...

Thanks for sharing your home decor with us. I always love seeing inside the homes of my blogging friends. I still have one small tree in the livingroom,I had it decorated for Valentine,and I think I will leave it up for the rest of the year to decorate for the other holidays as well.I have never did this before but I think it's kind of fun....
I loved catching up on your posts.
Have a blessed weekend..