Friday, March 6, 2009

Update on Celebration of Giveaways

Today is Day #5 of Tidymom's Giveaways!

And it's her birthday!!

This last giveaway will have
but FOUR Giveaways!!!

TOO much to list ~ so check it out ~ you will not want to miss it!
Those photo frames (made by Tidymom) are part of the fun!


Cute Cupcakes!

I've been enjoying some newly discovered blogs recently and inspirecompany is one of them. Amy's blog is bright and beautiful and bursting with wonderful ideas, creations and real life stories. One of those creations is this wonderful centerpiece/party favor/gift idea!

Too Cute! So Easy!


Mandy said...

I really like theses. I'm sure that they will make an appearance at one of our parties/showers soon!

Melissa said...

Okay! I need your email addy, again. I must have saved your email about what you like without your email address. I am working on your swap gifts. I need to know, do you like the smell of coffee? Will you please email me your answer to:
Thanks a mil,
Hope your day is GORGEOUS!!!! : }

Jo said...

That is super cute.

Scrap for Joy said...

This is so cute...maybe as a place setting at our Easter dinner. Amy does have cute things and a darling home-colorful, just like she is. She often refers to shopping at The Cottage...that's the wonderful antique store in Leesburg that we went to last August. I need to go back the next time we go to see Charlie, maybe. Temps in the 60's this weekend...we need a shot of Spring. Don't forget to change your clock Marie ;)
Have a happy weekend!

Kimberly said...

Fantastic Marie! Thanks for sharing!