Monday, March 23, 2009

The Lost weekend....

Saturday started off well ~ I headed over to Katie's house to watch Charlotte while Katie & Mark got some work done. I also received a surprise visit from Elijah ~ seeing both was a treat!
I ended up spending most of the day there. As I was heading home Saturday evening I started feeling some pretty intense pains in my chest. I have a problem with acid reflux or GERD as it's called (such a funny name, but it can be pretty serious). Anyway ~ at first I attributed the pain to that, but it quickly became obvious that it was something more.
(or GERD at a whole new level!)

I spent some time self-diagnosing on the Internet and I tried to sleep for a bit ~ but the pain continued to get worse. Early Sunday morning I woke Bill and asked him to take me to the hospital. And to make a long story short ~ My blood pressure was high and my potassium very low . My EKG came back normal but my chest pains continued...I gave them a 6 on a 1-10 "how is your pain" scale. I was given some morphine and that started to ease the pain.

The ER doctor decide to admit me overnight for observation and he scheduled a stress test for Monday morning. So off I went to room 560B with instructions from the doctor to get some rest. Ha! If he was serious about the rest he should have just sent me home! It was a pleasant room with a pleasant roommate...not so pleasant food though! I spent the night ~ but I hesitate to say I slept there....'cause I really didn't! They wake you up for about a trillion things and another trillion noises wake you up when the nurses don't!

The following morning I had the stress test done and I passed! No heart problems for me! Praise the Lord for that!

It looks like it's a bad recurrence of the GERD and something new called Costochondritis. These two things combined explained the pain to every one's satisfaction. I was released at 3:30pm today with a pile of diagnosis related info, medication and directions for who to follow-up with and when.

Home Sweet Home is right where I want to be! So that's where I've been ~ no Monday Memories for now. I've been busy making more again.

Oh, and Jacqi has developed a pregnancy induced rash. It started about a week or so ago and now covers her entire body. The only way for it to go away is for her to deliver the baby. SO, Penelope will be arriving sometime between now and Wednesday...they will be inducing Jacqi's labor. The doctor will call Jacqi as soon as they have a time slot available.

Maybe she'll be here in time for my regular Wednesday grandbaby pictures. Now that would make my grateful, healthy heart so happy!

Now I must spend some time visiting all my blogging friends. I've missed "seeing" you!

I received a couple comments/emails from some folks concerned that I hadn't been tested thoroughly enough. First of all thanks for your concern ~ it really blessed me. Secondly, my stress test was two fold. It included time on a treadmill and a
MUGA scan. I feel pretty comfortable with this diagnosis BUT I will be following up with my primary care doctor too.

Thanks again for caring.......


Anonymous said...

I too have GERD and have on occasion had chest pain with it. The last problem I had however was chronic hoarseness and sore throat and after seeing a throat specialist and having fiberoptic laryngoscopy was told that my throat was 'burned' by the acid reflux and very red and with treatment I'm much improved. GERD is something I've had for a long time but these symptoms were just recent.
Take care. :D

Susie Mitchell said...

Marie...please don't stop with a stress test. My best friend was experiencing mild chest pains when he climbed or walked too far. He's 65. The Dr. did the problem. They did a stress test...he passed with flying colors. The specialist insisted on a dye test...2 arteries more than 80% blocked...and he put him in the hospital for double bypass surgery the next morning. Please make sure they've run all the tests to properly determine the cause.
Incidentally...two months after the friend was back to active schedule...just 3 months after...he's climbing mountains and doing as he pleases.
Blessings, Susie

our shabby cottage said...

Gosh Marie, I'm so glad it was nothing too serious. I hope it doesn't continue. I can't wait to see a photo of little Penelope! Poor Jacqi.

Goat Creek Grandma said...

I am so glad your ok. *hugs* Poor Jacqi. I will look forward to seeing the new baby's picture soon!

Take Care,

Heather J. said...

I'm so glad that things are ok! As I was reading the start of your post today I was getting really worried for you. But it got better, thank goodness.

And YEAH for Jacqi - how exciting! A gal from my book club is being induced today, and another is due next week ... it is baby central around here for sure.

Scrap for Joy said...

Oh Marie-I miss reading for a few days and then read this! I'm sorry you had such a scare...and it is scary. When my gallbladder was causing me grief several years ago, it felt much like a heart attack. It's always better to check these things out. Poor Jacqi-your family has had a bad week. Once Penelope comes-everyone will be smiling again. Can't wait to hear the news.