Monday, April 13, 2009

Random Monday Memories

Drive-In Movie Theaters ~ do you remember these? We used to go when I was a child and this is the one we used to go to! Bel-Air Drive-In on 8 Mile Rd in Detroit, Michigan.

I remember family trips on the weekend. Mom, Dad and 2, 3 or 4 kids depending on what stage of family we were at. Mom drove and Dad rode in the passenger seat....he always fell asleep at the drive-in!

Before the sun set and the movies started
my Mom would take us to the little playground up by the screen. I remember that there was a merry-go-round type ride. But instead of horses you rode little boats and the boats were in some water. I think there was a swing set too!

We didn't get goodies from the concession stand very always packed some good snacks from home. But I remember trips to the concession stand...more than likely it was for visit to the restroom!

Now, at the few drive-ins still around the sound is heard over the car radio. But back in the day you needed one of these little babies! The speakers "hooked" over the top of the driver's window and more often than not static accompanied the movie dialog! Sometimes we had to move to a couple different parking spaces to make sure we had a good speaker. There were also some nifty little box heaters that could be put in the car on those chillier nights.

The drive-in movie experience wouldn't be complete without the very entertaining intermission commercials. Check this one out!

I think I can safely say that these fun trips to Bel-Air Drive-In were definitely a high point in my mother's life. I mean come on...2 adults (one who very easily fell asleep), and 2,3, or 4 young children sitting in a car, in the dark, in the heat or in the cold...she loved it! Thanks for the memories Mom....I loved it too!


Scrap for Joy said...

Oh Marie, you alsays "help" me remember things I haven't thought about in years! Our family also took our own snacks to the drive-in...along with the pillows and blankets, and my favorite dolls. I think I was the one to always fall asleep. Come to think of it, my husband and I only ever go to the movies before 6 PM because I fall asleep if we go later. Something about the lights going out...

Ree at Prairie Rose Cottage said...

Wow-drive ins were absolutely great memory makers. I really miss the ones we had here-the Golden Spike, Q Twin East and West, the Skyview---I can still smell the popcorn and hot dogs. Yum! Everything tasted better at the drive in. Thanks for taking me down memory lane. Ree