Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh No!!!! I Lost My Roll!!

I've been trying to find/make a new template for my blog and SOMEHOW my blog roll disappeared!! Silly me ~ I didn't have a list of my favorite places saved anywhere else. I saved a copy of my template today and deleted some older versions. Wouldn't you know it - the blog roll must have "vamoosed" before I saved the template today. I am very sad!

I remember some of them but I don't focus in on the blog names anymore ~ I just click on the link...'cause that's why I put it there! One good thing about this ~ as I browse through others' blog rolls (hopefully a name will ring a bell) I'm discovering a lot of new blogs that are fun, fun, fun!

If anyone remembers any blogs on my blog roll please leave a comment!! Maybe you were on it ~ Maybe you liked to visit some of the blogs listed ~ Maybe you have a photographic memory........
Appreciate any help!


Kimberly said...

ohhh, good luck Marie! I'm so not good with computers... I just do what I do everyday and hope nothing goes wrong!
Hope it works out fast for you!
Have a great weekend, Kimberly

Scrap for Joy said...

Looks like yu've gotten your roll back. That's good-my memory is not to be trusted. Have a happy holiday weekend!