Thursday, June 11, 2009


Back on November 20th I showed some of my favorite things from my home. Today I thought I'd show another. It's this bookcase and everything in and on it.

Over twenty-seven years ago this bookcase lived in a dark, damp basement belonging to my in-laws. Then Bill and I rescued it. It belonged to Bill's grandmother and we think it's at least eighty years old.

It needed a good bit of cleaning up and a new piece of glass in one of the doors back then.

It's filled with many of my favorite books ~ all minus the book jackets. I think they look so much nicer "naked"!

The Walt Disney book was purchased on our very first family trip to WDW back in 1984. My children looked through it over and over again after we returned from that trip. "I remember this!" ~ "That was my favorite ride!" ~ "I love Disney World!"
The stack of books in the photo below belonged to Bill's grandfather ~ they're older than the bookcase.

Here's some of my Christmas books.

My husband's leather bound The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings. He wore out two sets of paperbacks!

Max Lucado ~ one of my favorite authors.

This little girl came from Germany (by way of Epcot). My daughters bought her for me. She has such a sweet face.


Goat Creek Grandma said...

What a great book collection. I miss not having mine here. Mine are still in storage. I love the old bookcase!

Take Care,

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed what you shared here! I wish I had a bookcase like that! We have one that my husband made for the kids that needs to be painted, although I'm glad we haven't painted it yet. The kids aren't finshed coloring on it yet:)
Please come by my blog.