Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friday Night

It was "girls night out"! We had Potbelly Sandwiches for dinner. I ate the Turkey breast with swiss cheese on wheat with mustard, lettuce, tomatos & was so good!

Then we went to one of these ~ they were having a big sale!

Included in the sale were these ~ we each got a pair ~ for about $6.00 each!!!!

Then we watched this movie and it was excellent! So funny! Meryl Streep was superb! I definitely want to own this on DVD so I can watch it again and again.

Of course we had to have some of this stuff while watching the movie!

Then we had to get some dessert!

It was such a fun night!! But it's a good thing I don't go to Weight Watchers until Tuesday. I just won't eat until then!!


Scrap for Joy said...

Sounds like the perfect Girl's Night Out!!! I haven't seen the movie yet but our book group read it last year. Love Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci-even David wants to see this one! Have a great weekend Marie. We're having 18 for a Book Group picnic today...hope the rain holds off! xoxo
I'm thinking about Weight Watchers, too. I've done it before but not for about 10's harder to lose now that I've crossed that 6-0 mark!

Jacqueline Jaggers said...

Hi Marie,
I remember you are a friend of Shelleys and came to my blog when I first started in March. Come back and see me! I've added myself to your friend list...I think I'm going to enjoy you...for sure! I've been posting on Once Upon a Fairyland this month, my childhood home.

Shelley said...

Hi Marie,looks like it was a good time for all...wanted to let you know I received my package this morning...thank you sooooo much.I love it all and the quilt is just wonderful. Your gift really made my day,indeed!


our shabby cottage said...

What a night Marie! I need a girls night out. I love Meryl Streep and Amy Adams so this movie would be a good one for me! It hasn't opened here yet.

Tins and Treasures said...

It does sound like a perfect night. I would like to see the movie too. Now that school has started, I'll probably wait till it comes out on DVD. Have a lovely Sunday. ~Natalie

KatCollects said...

It sounds like a great girls night out! I want to see that movie, I'm glad to know you liked it.