Friday, August 14, 2009

Want A Peek?

Woo Hoo!! I finally got into my workroom and created a little bit tonight ~ when we remodeled the laundry room we demolished my workroom. But I managed to squeeze in and find what I needed to make a piece of paper art to trade with Elizabeth. She hosted a Block Party and invited friends (new and old) to send her a 5 inch square and then she would send one to them. We each made one - she made many. Check out the Block Party link to see all the great blocks she sent and received. I'm mailing my block for her tomorrow morning. Here's a little peek at it ~ I want Elizabeth to be surprised! I'll show the whole thing and mine when I receive it.

Remember the post about the Dorks in Forks? I asked my daughters to visit Monticello Antique Marketplace while they were in Oregon. Especially the booth of Colby Cottage. Well they did ~ and they bought me "stuff"! Including this cute little suitcase. I put one of my work pens on top to advertise a not really! I just wanted you to have an idea of what a cute size it is.
Even better than the cute size though ~ it's full of "stuff"! Really nice "stuff"!

Look ~ bubble wrap! I love bubble wrap. But there's more!

I'll show you my goodies next week ~ my daughters know just what I love!!

I'm so glad they're home.....with my presents!!!


Scrap for Joy said...

Such suspense you're holding us in! Can't wait to see your block for Elizabeth (the peek is sure cute!) and the contents of that SWELL little suitcase! Have a fun weekend!

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Can't wait to see what goodies you have to show us. I love the little suitcase. It almost matches the big one I found here in the house.

Hope all is well,

Sweet Annabelle said...

That suitcase is AWESOME! Even empty!

creative breathing said...

My peek is leaving me wanting more! Can't wait, E.